Are you considering developing a new product/service but are unsure?

Releasing a new product/service can be risky. If you misread the market you could release a product/service that does not succeed. We would like to reduce the probability of a product/service failure by allowing you to properly assess the marketplace to determine the demand and value points for your future product/service. This can allow you to tweak or redesign your product/service to gain market share.

You may be unsure of:

  • The demand for the product/service.
  • The value points that customers will value in the product/service.
  • The price point you should be considering for the product/service.

We can help you understand your market better by:

  • defining the market and product/service.
  • Surveying the prospective customers to understand what the needs are in the market.
  • Analyse the market to ensure you understand it correctly.
  • Better understanding how your product/service will fit in to the market.
  • Present you with the relevant findings and help you understand if it is worthwhile developing your new product/service.

So if you are considering a new product, contact us about our New Product Analysis on