Most people have to commute to work in the morning and then back home in the afternoon. If you live in a big city you may be spending over and hour commuting a day. According to the “Reclaim your commute” article in the HBR there are 600 000 people in the USA that spend over 90 minutes each way, that’s 3 hours a day of traveling.

If you work in role that requires you to travel to clients, such as sales or consulting you may be spending many more hours on the roads. What can one do to make these hours commuting not seem wasteful?

I listen to audiobooks during my commute making it productive. So getting the audio edition of books you are interested in and you can make your commute easier as it puts less emphasis on the time driving as you are doing an activity you would like to do anyway.

If you use public transport you could do the same, or you could even talk to a fellow commuter, this was mentioned in the article and surprisingly people who do this feel less stressed than those who spend the commute alone.

You could also check your calendar and plan your activities in order to make the day more productive on public transport. If you are on the bleeding edge and are using a virtual assistant you could try and use them to be productive while driving.

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You can read the HBR article at here.